IMG_7074 amy

Rescue kitten for adoption in Chermside West: Whoever coined of the term “naughty tortie” certainly has never met Aimee!  This petite little miss is a total joy and has settled into her foster home like she was meant to be there.

Aimee loves the best things in life – yummy food, lots of toys, a well trained human to give her lots of pats, a comfy bed, but the one thing she still wants is the most super important need for any cat: someone that will love her furever!   She is a super chatty cat and will often allow you to have a full conversation with her (that’s normal right?) and doesn’t much like being shut away from her family. She also loves a high perch that she can observe the goings-on of her world.

Aimee has lived with an other cats and a dog and she’s super confident and very social. She would fit into just about any home environment. The one thing that would make her sad is having to be alone for long periods of time with no one to chat to. Naughty tortie? No way!  Awesome Aimee loves playing, sleeping in bed with her humans, coming up for pats, and having fun with other cats. She’s an all-round fabulous kitty who’s just waiting for her forever home to choose her! If you’d like to know more, please call the rescue humans on 0491 157 837.

Aimee’s date of birth is 1/04/2015

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