You may remember Squeak from our Facebook ‘Saving Squeak Appeal’ earlier this year. Squeak had a rough start to life when he was diagnosed with the rare and major health complications of patent ductus arteriosus and persistent right aortic arch. He was unable to eat solid food and was on a homemade soup diet to survive. Thankfully our wonderful network of vets and medical specialists diagnosed and treated him successfully and he lives life to the fullest with no ongoing complications. He has made a full recovery, and it is expected that there will be no ongoing problems.

Squeak is confident, fun and very affectionate. He got his namesake from his vocalisation as a kitten. He loves to snuggle with you in bed (often getting under the covers) and shows his appreciation with a big, continuous purr! He loves to play with toys, run with the other cats in the house and sit in the window to watch the day go by.

While Squeak is reasonably independent, he does enjoy the company of a friendly cat or dog, however he really, really, really loves to spend enough one on one time with people.

Squeak would be best suited as indoor cat due to his white coat and pink ears, and would do well in a house with adults or a family with older children.

Squeaks approximate date of birth is 1/12/2013.  His adoption fee of $150 includes surgical sterilisation, microchip, vaccinations (to date) and regular treatments for intestinal worms and flea control.

Thank you to Sam from Tails Photography for her beautiful photos.

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