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Am I not pretty enough?

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Am I not pretty enough?

For some kittens finding a home is easy, they are born in a safe place, cared for, given the best vet care and every opportunity to live a long and healthy life.  But for too many, neglect and heartlessness finds them and they end up in a box or living on the street.

This was the case for five little kittens, left in a box on a cold night in winter.   Starved and infested with parasites, a future was not looking good for these two week old kittens.

Remarkably six weeks later four of the kittens had made a full recovery and were ready for a fresh start to life and to find their happy ever after.  Rocket was one of these kittens.  He, like so many other rescue cats wouldn’t win a beauty contest.  He didn’t stand out in the crowd, in fact he was almost invisible on Pet Rescue, just another black and white kitten, with a silent plea for a loving family.

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, the same can be said about the fur on a cat.  Tabbies, gingers, black and whites, these colours may be common, but they also embody some of the most beautiful and loving cats.

Megan’s family had made an enquiry about a kitten for the youngest of their family – Annabel.  They had searched through Pet Rescue countless times and had found one kitten that stood out to them, a pretty little blue cream girl called Princess Lulu.  However, with an adopting pending for Lulu we continued our discussion on what their families needs were. It just so happened this matched perfectly to the personality of our much adored, but invisible Rocket.  From the moment the Atterton family met Rocket you could see the bond this little kitten would have with his Annabel.  They both shared the same love for cuddles and a beautiful friendship was made.

Rocket is now known as Theo, the last member of a family of 5 humans, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 turtles and a bird, and for now, their family is complete. He will never spend a night out in the cold, or a day without a loving lap to lay on, he is now a success story thanks to the wonderful efforts of Pets Without Partners.

We would like to dedicate this story to ‘the little one,’ Theo’s brother who didn’t make it to see his happy ending and who won’t get his chance to feel the cuddles of a loving family.

Please continue to support independent rescue groups as without their involvement so many animals would never have the chance to have a happy ending like Rocket, the tiniest kitten that no-one noticed.

Stacey & Matt McLean

Foster parents for Pets Without Partners

Theo’s story, written by his new family, can be found on our Testimonials link right hand side on the Home Page.

On behalf of Pets Without Partners, we would like to acknowledge and thank all our foster carers, or as we prefer to call them, guardians.  Without their unselfish desire to make a difference, Theo and many more little ones, just like him, would have perished.  We cannot do this alone.  Please, if you’ve ever considered volunteering your time and sharing your love we would love to hear from you.  Please email Gail at for a Foster Pack.