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Theo’s story…inspirational!

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Theo’s story…inspirational!

This year we lost our two beloved 18 year old cats.

In January Jasmine passed away.  The love-of-my-life-cat.  After about six weeks we adopted Max the 13 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We had never had a dog and had been promising the kids for years that we would “one day” have one.  Max had never met cats and we very carefully introduced him to Chloe our last 18 yr old cat.
He just sniffed her, didn’t rush or bark at her, he was very gentle.  What a champ!  Not too long after we were looking at all the pet rescue sites on the internet and found Stella the kitten.  She was the same breed as Jasmine.  I rang my husband and told him about her and he said “get her.”  Stella and Max are “in love.”  In fact for this kitten and dog it was love at first sight.  Stella was also very gentle with Chloe and again Chloe couldn’t care less about the new arrival.  After a couple of weeks, back on the rescue sites again we found Ruby. She looked identical to Jasmine (love-of-my-life).  I rang and spoke to her foster mum and she suggested that I come and visit her.  My husband said “yeah right, you better take the cat cage – as if she isn’t coming home with you”.  Once again, we were very careful with interactions with Chloe as we didn’t want to upset her.  She really didn’t mind.  After a couple of weeks our lovely Chloe
faded away to less than 2kgs and passed away.

So we had 3 new fur kids.  Max – who slept on his bed, on the floor at the end of my bed.  Stella who slept with my son and Ruby who decided she belonged to my eldest daughter and slept with her.  All 3 fur kids loved each other and everything was lovely.  Except Annabel my 9 year old, had no one “special.”   Annabel has a way with animals.  They just love her and she loves them.  All kinds of animals.  During the day the 3 fur kids couldn’t get enough of her but at night they went to their spot.  Annabel wasn’t having any of this.  She wanted her “own” kitten.

Back onto the rescue sites she went, looking at lots of kittens and older cats.  She found a little female kitten who she liked the sound and look of.  She begged me to send a message to her foster mum.  The lovely lady who was fostering this kitten asked me what sort of kitten Annabel  was looking for.  She wanted an “in-your-face /sleep-in-your-bed” kitten.  She said that
she had a beautiful little male kitten that fitted this description perfectly.  He was a tiny little boy who was a real smoocher.  The foster mum sent us text messages with photos of him.
Annabel thought he was perfect.

We arranged a meet/cuddle.  I told my husband that Annabel had arranged to meet “her own” kitten.  Again … “take the cat cage!”

Off we went to meet the new kitten.  Annabel was extremely excited.  He was very affectionate and wanted a cuddle and a play.  He was very tiny.  There was no way that we wouldn’t want this kitten to come home with us.  After all the text messages back and forth about this little boy and what he was like and a video of him and listening to him purr we knew there was something extremely special about him.  He had been abandoned at a vet practice with his brother and sister at only a couple of days of age.  His brother didn’t survive.

Annabel was in love.  We felt sad taking him away from his foster mum.  She was really attached to him and took wonderful care of him.

He was renamed Theo.  We sent lots of photos and progress reports of Theo and his new family.  He loves his sister kittens and his brother dog and they love him.  He curls up with
all of them.  Most importantly he LOVES Annabel.  Theo and Annabel are inseparable.  He actually cries when she comes home from school and comes running in to see him.  He rubs himself all over her and actually drools he is so excited.  It is really funny to watch.  He follows her around and plays with her constantly.  Best of all – he sleeps in her bed!

Theo is the most wonderful boy.  He is nearly 5 months old and quite big now.  He LOVES food.  He has his favourite play toys – Coles bags tied in a knot to look like a bird are the best. He steals them and hides them in his special spot.  Everyone who meets him thinks he is gorgeous.  We absolutely adore him.

Thank you Stacey and Pets
Without Partners for our beautiful Theo.

Megan at The Gap.

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