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Minnie…her road to recovery continues!

Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Minnie…her road to recovery continues!

This is week 8 of Minnie’s recovery.  Minnie was hit by a car and left on the roadside,  that is until someone realised it wasn’t that she didn’t want to move, it was more like she couldn’t.  Before she had time to argue, she was transported to the nearest Vet for emergency treatment.  She was scanned for a microchip.  Hooray, we have an owner!  Not quite…seems Minnie’s original owner re-homed her but he couldn’t remember who to.  It happens.  No one was looking for her.  Minnie is less than 12 months of age, already two owners and neither of them wanted her.

Both of Minnie’s front legs were significantly damaged by the trauma of being dragged along the road.  One leg was far worse than the other with her skin shaved right back to an area of approximately 25cms long x 3cms wide, from her elbow to her badly damaged foot.  And it wasn’t like it was a regular cut that could be stitched back together, the skin was gone.  Her recovery, if it was going to be successful, would take time.  In order to save her leg, Minnie has received conservative but effective treatment which involves treating and re-bandaging her legs up to 3 times per week.

Minnie’s treatment will be ongoing until such time as her wounds heals completely.  She’s so close now!  A small area around 2cms long x 1cm wide is all that remains but even then, that could take another month or so to heal.

Minnie’s makeover didn’t end there.  When she was up to it, off she went to be desexed and said goodbye to her double rear dew claws!  In comparison to her ongoing treatment, this was easy.

Minnie had her first road trip yesterday that wasn’t to the Vet.  She was fitted with a harness and we hope that she’ll soon be able to walk small distances without aggravating her leg.  She won’t know herself when her collar is removed.  During the last 8 weeks she has worn an Elizabethan collar so she can’t get at her bandages.  Frustrating?  Absolutely!  For the purpose of taking her photo, off it came and off she went, so happy!  If she left her bandages alone, then she wouldn’t have to wear it, but she’s wants them gone, totally understandable.

Today we are appealing for donations towards Minnie’s costs to date and her ongoing recovery.  In plain English, Minnie was “broken.”  Her “repair” bill is in excess of $1,000 and this is cheap considering that her treatment thus far has been at cost.  Bandages alone have come in around the $200 mark.   Remembering that there was no skin to stitch together, her treatment can only be described as a “work in progress” that has come at a significant cost.

We realise (pardon the pun) that every man and his dog are appealing for donations and we’re no exception.  If you would like to donate towards Minnie’s recovery, we have Paypal facilities and our account details are on the “donate” page.  Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

In closing, we would like to acknowledge and thank Minnie’s foster carer, Catherine, who has been Minnie’s rock for the last couple of months, providing her with much love and the assurance that “it’ll be ok” no matter how long the days are.  And we’d also like to thank Minnie’s personal Vet Nurse, Miss Hannah, who continues to go above and beyond for “her babies.”

“Life shrinks or expands in proportions to one’s courage.”  And with Minnie’s courage, watch our world, her she comes!