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Nala – female domestic short hair cat

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Nala – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: Sometimes we have to make a hard decision, in our pet’s best interest, even though it’s not what we want to do. In order for some peace and harmony to return to the family home and more importantly, for the health and happiness of the cats concerned, Nala has to find another home.

This has been a very hard decision for Nala’s owner to make and a completely unselfish one.

Nala and the existing (and much older) resident cat do not get along. Nala’s energy is just too much for her fellow feline. Singularly, both cats are awesome however as soon as they’re within the same space, then the tension mounts and it is very obvious that one cat in particular is not at all happy…talk about going on high alert! Problem is Nala still behaves like a kitten. If an object of her desire is still for long enough, then she pounces on it (claws in) and the same with climbing…you reckon it can’t be climbed? She’ll you prove you wrong! Nala is bored; after all she is still a kitten!

Nala also lives with a medium sized dog and she is not fussed. We feel Nala would prefer for it to be all about her and be an only pet.

The other side of Nala is the one that loves her cuddle time. This very affectionate little girl is also quite shy at first and can take some time to become comfortable around new people.

Nala loves to watch the birds outside and will keep a running commentary on what’s going on out there, chirping away right back at them.

That’s about it…basically Nala’s a young girl who just wants to have a bit of fun. Nothing wrong with that? We just have to find her purrfect match.

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Please be advised that we do not freight our kittens or cats and will only consider applications for kittens under the age of 6 months from the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Medical Notes


More Information about Nala

Adoption fee: $150
Desexed: Yes
Approx Age: 1 year
Microchip number:
Coat: Short
Colour: Classic Mackeral Tabby
Vaccinated: Yes
Vaccinated against leukemia: No
Wormed: Yes

Contact Information

If you’d like to find out more about Nala, please contact: Fiona at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.
Phone: 0408 152 751  (Preferred contact method)
Email: click here to email Fiona
Address: In care at Capalaba, 45 minutes east of Brisbane Central.