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Monte – male domestic short hair cat

Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Monte – male domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Upper Mt Gravatt, Brisbane:  Are you a fan of yoga? Pilates? Do you want a cat companion who also likes to indulge in a bit of these calming pursuits? Monte’s the cat for you. This boy loves to stretch and extend his soft white belly sooooo far, just inviting you to stroke it. He will greet you when you come home by throwing himself on the floor, executing a perfect front leg/back leg stretch and bending his spine to show you how supple and flexible he is! Why don’t you try doing a yoga video together? I’m sure he could show you a few moves.

Monte should be named “Marshmallow” because he’s just a big, soft, sweet jelly belly of a cat. He loves cuddles, kisses, being picked up, being fussed over and will give you a head butt in return when he’s feeling particuarly contented. The only foster cat I’ve ever had who purrs the minute you pick him up, even if he was in the middle of something when you did it! He will also purr when you talk to him, and although he’s not a lap cat, he wants to be nearby. He loves to sleep in between your feet and is not an annoying fuss-all-night, bite-toes and play with your head kind of guy.

Otherwise known as Mont-Mont, Montles, Montague or Montgomery (take your pick), he’s very easy to look after and has a tiny little “mew” which doesn’t match his studmuffin cuddly frame. Okay, he has a fat pouch which hangs rather obviously from his belly and it’s a bit funny when he sits down and has to…ahem…”adjust” his pouch so he’s not sitting on it….but that all adds up to the Montles charm.

If you’re on the lookout for an oh-so-handsome dose of boy cat at your place, this adorable boy (who has won his foster mum’s heart) is looking for a very special home that promises to love him forever.  He’s had a few upheavals in his past year, being surrendered by his owner, then spending time in a cattery waiting for a vacant foster home. Now he’s in his foster home and has been here for many months….he should happily live out another decade at least with someone who will love and care for him. While we don’t endorse outdoor cats, Monte does love going outside for a bit of sunshine in the foster mum’s secure backyard, so something like this or an enclosure in his forever home would see this boy’s dreams come true.

Mont-Mont gets along great with the girl cats in his foster home, but he has disagreements with the boy cats. His foster mum has an Alpha male who doesn’t like Monte being around. We’re not sure what he would be like with dogs, probably not bothered but it would depend on the dog (as it always does). A  quiet and lazy dog who’s not going to bark in his face would be okay.  Older children over 10 would be fine too. He’s not an aggressive cat at all, and has never lashed out at anyone. He’s Mr Monte Cruise-Dude and not much fazes him. He doesn’t care about the garbage truck, the neighbour’s barking dog, or the vacuum cleaner. All he really wants is his bikkie bowl topped up regularly, and your love and attention.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply on-line at where you’ll find a link to our adoption forms, on the home page or call his foster mum, Gail on 0414 786 259.

Please be advised that we do not freight our cats or kittens.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply online via our adoption form.

Medical notes


More information about Monte

Adoption Fee: $150
Desexed: Yes
Approx Age: 5 yrs
Microchip number:
Coat: Short
Colour: brown mackeral tabby
Vaccinated: Yes
Vaccinated against leukaemia: No
Wormed: Yes

Contact Information

If you would like to find out more about Monte, please contact Gail at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.
Phone: 0414 786 259

Email: Click here to email Gail
Address: Monte is in foster care at Upper Mount Gravatt, approximately 20 minutes south of Brisbane Central



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