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Valentine – male domestic short hair kitten

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Valentine – male domestic short hair kitten

IMG_4763 Val

Rescue kitten for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: This adorable, baby-faced dreamboat answers mostly to Val for short. He came into foster care as a very small and incredibly cute kitten, (with his little mate Adonis) on the day of his namesake, February 14th 2013. My, how big and strong Val has grown since then, but he is still every bit as gorgeous. Val has a sweet and gentle face to match his nature. His beautiful large soft, golden eyes have this dreamy, far off expression. He often seems a little off with the fairies. A gentle, poetic sort of soul. However, he has become quite a stocky unit, with a solid build that belies a rather precious, timid nature. However, Val is blossoming and becoming more confident and sure of himself. He’s learning to find his way, be his own man! After all, he’s always had his buddy Doni, looking out for him like an older brother.

Valentine has two sides to his nature, he is shy, soft, timid and a bit ‘precious’ for the most part, yet he is also quite scrappy and knows how to express himself, hold his own when he does or doesn’t want something. He can be quite shy and frightened around strangers, and if he resists being picked up, he will hold on for dear life like Velcro or ‘Valcro’ (his new nickname). He is also quite independent. In his current household of four felines, he will often be the one off on his own, napping away from everyone else. It’s almost like he goes into his own little world. Still, he does love to run and play, especially with mate Doni, who is so opposite in nature. They complement each other well. Val’ just loves his food. You may have to watch you don’t over feed him, as he can never say no. He likes to help himself at meal times before everyone else, and gets so excited sometimes like a kid in a candy store! He literally squeals with excitement when he’s happy. He loves most food, but especially gourmet varieties, and will eat both wet and dry food. Valentine does enjoy the good life, he just knows how to relax and make himself comfy, plus you cannot help but spoil him with his cute, sweet face and expression.

He is a beautiful Tabby with lovely markings and soft white chest and big feet. Anyone would fall in love with him. He enjoys the company of others, but is also quite happy on his own. Val would benefit from being with another cat if possible, to make him feel more secure. He is happy when around a more confident cat who leads. A small family with middle to older children, or a couple (especially retired couple/person), or settled single with other cat/s, would suit him. He isn’t fond of loud noises and sudden movements, disruptions. He wouldn’t cope with a dog or any larger intimidating animal. Val needs time to bond with you and feel at home but once he has, you will not be able to resist him and want to spoil and cuddle him all the time.

Val currently lives in a very safe, secure environment. Residing in a two story townhouse with a custom outdoor enclosure, he is happy both indoors exploring or outside playing in the fully enclosed little back garden. He also loves the stairs and has this funny quirk of hanging his little face over the banister, to look at you from up high. He loves to play, run and climb and also seems to be particularly fond of plants, especially their rustling sound! Val loves playing with his foster buddy Adonis, and sometimes with his older step sibling, Natalie. He loves snoozes on the couch, armchair or kitty bed, and will have spurts of great activity and then lots of rest. He also loves music, and enjoys being around the piano (his foster parent plays) as it relaxes him.
Valentine is quite the character and irresistible. He appreciates kisses and cuddles but not being fussed over too much. He secretly would like to see himself as the tough guy but still needs lots of care, guidance and some protecting, and how can you not? He has such a sweet saintly face and way. Val will be a gift to the right person and home.


Val’s date of birth is 26/12/2012.

Adoption fee: $170 includes microchip, first and second vaccinations, intestinal worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing.

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Contact Information

If you’d like to find out more about Val, please contact: Janene at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.

Phone:  0432 405 474 or click here to email Janene

Address: Val is in foster care at Capalaba, 20 minutes north of Brisbane Central.