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Mitch & Mabel – Male and Female Domestic Medium and Shorthair Kittens

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Mitch & Mabel – Male and Female Domestic Medium and Shorthair Kittens

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Dual Adoption. Rescue kittens for adoption in Brisbane: Provide a loving and safe environment for Mitch (grey, medium hair tabby) and Mabel (black and white, short hair) and they will reward you with lots of purrs. We’ve decided that for the long term happiness and wellbeing of these two kittens, that they need to stay together .  Not only are they siblings (generally the best combination in cat world) they rely on each other and like peas in a pod, they just go together.

These precious kittens will hang out with you wherever you may be. When it comes to meal time, be that theirs or yours, they won’t be far away!  Mitch will plonk himself down on your feet and Mabel will sit at a little further away. Initially she can appear quite aloof but gain her trust and the sky is the limit.

Since coming into our care and experiencing a normal household environment, Mitch and Mabel are blossoming, gradually coming out of their shells and are very appreciative of indoor comforts. Mabel is still not overly sure about cuddles but she loves been patted and will seek you out for this. Mitch is a smoocher and is learning about cuddles and lap time.  Witnessing their progress confirms that with continued encouragement and patience, their love of being “at one” with their human will grow.

If you have been away from home, get ready to provide lots of pats and loving to Mitch and Mabel before you do anything else!!  Their fur is silky soft to touch, so exquisite.  Mitch has a mighty fluffy tail, like a squirrel, and Mabel coat is incredibly dense and luxurious.  They really are beautiful kittens.

Mitch and Mabel are very playful and will amuse themselves kicking around the selection of toys available; they are close and will play together happily for extended periods, but of course with the occasional sibling spat.  They are currently in care with two resident adult cats and have given their best shot at making friends but through no fault of theirs, this has not always been successful.

We believe Mitch and Mabel will be suited to a quiet, mature home without younger children.

Please note that we do not freight our kittens or cats.

Adoption Process

Adoption fee: $170 each includes microchip, first and second vaccinations, intestinal worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply online via our adoption form.
Contact Information
If you’d like to find out more about Mitch and Mabel, please contact: Janene at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.
Phone:  0432 405 474 or click here to email Janene.

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