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Molly and Ned – Female and Male Domestic Shorthair Cats

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Molly and Ned – Female and Male Domestic Shorthair Cats

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Rescue mumma cat and her little boy for adoption in South Brisbane: Double the trouble but twice as nice! If you have ever thought about adopting two cats this in the perfect pair.

We have lots of reasons for wanting to keep Molly and Ned together. Molly is the ultimate Mumma cat, she has had at least two litters of kittens and has a very strong maternal instinct. All she wants to do is care and love, by having Ned with her she will have the happy ending to her hard life so far. Molly has so much love to give, that even with Ned, she will have plenty of love and affection left for her new family.

Molly came into care when she was pregnant with Ned and his siblings. Ned was the last kitten born and the smallest of the litter, from day one he was a real mumma’s boy . Ned is a lovely kitten and like his mum he is very affectionate. Ned is not the brightest of the litter and his Mum keeps him in line.

Molly and Ned are two peas in a pod, they are very similar in not just looks but also personality. They are both people cats, when you are home they will keep you company. Ned will be the first at the door to welcome you home and Molly won’t be far behind. Ned and Molly love cuddling up on the sofa with you of an evening. Ned is such a little purr box he loves to have his belly rubbed while he sprawls out with you. Molly loves chin rubs, and scratches behind her ears.

Both Molly and Ned love to play, having kittens has kept Molly young at heart and she is an expert bug hunter. Ned like all kittens just loves to play with everything and everyone.

While you are out at work Molly and Ned will happily keep each other company and be ready for you to shower them with love when you return home

Molly and Ned would be happy to live with a placid, cat friendly dog. They currently live with a gentle loving young child and they would be perfectly happy with similar children.

As autumn turns to winter and the nights draw in Molly and Ned would just love to share your bed.

Ned was born on the 25/2/13 Molly is approximately 2 years.


Adoption fee: $250 includes microchip,  vaccinations, intestinal worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing at one of our participating vets.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply online via our adoption form.

Contact Information If you’d like to find out more about Molly and Ned, please contact: Janene at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc. Phone: 0432 405 474 or click here to email Janene.