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Claire – Female Domestic Short Hair Cat

Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Claire – Female Domestic Short Hair Cat


Rescue kitten for adoption in Chermside, Brisbane: Claire Bear is a unique character that loves observing the world with her beautiful green eyes. Give her a perch that she can oversee the house and she is in her element! She loves being able to look out into the big wide world from the safety of inside.

Claire gives you a big welcome home after a long day. She greets you at the door and sings you a ‘welcome home’ song of her very own. Claire likes to spend time on her own, however will also snuggle up on a blanket next to her foster mum and she quite enjoys a pat every time you walk past her too. She is more than accepting of cuddles from a 5 year old and loves chin rubs.

Claire has a little quirk in that she LOVES shoes. At her foster home we leave a pair out for her and 85% of the time, that is where you will find her – laying on the shoes (she does not chew or damage them!). We once took them away from her accidentally and couldn’t work out what all her “talking” was about.

Claire still has her youthful sense of fun but she has well and truly learnt some house rules. Her personality is developed and on display yet she can still adapt to the expectations of a new family.  An adolescent kitten or young adult cat is a great age to introduce a new family member.  House trained, socialized, accustomed to the noise of life like the TV, vacuum cleaner, traffic and people.

We think Claire would be happiest as a single cat with access to an outdoor enclosure. She currently has an enclosed verandah that she adores and she is quick to remind her foster mum if the door happens to be closed.

Please note that we do not freight our kittens or cats.

Claire’s date of birth is 1/10/2012

Adoption Process

Adoption fee: $170 each includes microchip, first and second vaccinations, intestinal worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply online via our adoption form.
Contact Information:  If you’d like to find out more about Claire, please contact: Ana at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.

Phone: 0466 631 164 or click here to email Ana.

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