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Opie – male domestic short hair kitten

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Opie – male domestic short hair kitten

IMG_5862 opieRescue kitten for adoption in Ormiston, Brisbane:  This guy is going to steal your heart. Opie is everything a kitten should be. He is confident and carefree, affectionate and playful. He is going to fit well into a house that can give him lots of attention, lots of playtime and lots of cuddles. His favourite place to sit will be on your chest, his head nuzzled into your chin, purring his heart out.

Ideally we would foresee Opie’s new owners have previous experience with cats. At the age of 8 weeks he had found himself being moved from house to house to house to house, yes 4 homes, in 8 weeks! all with owners that had very little cat knowledge. Opie was orphaned at a young age and as a result wasn’t taught everything a mother would typically teach her kitten about ‘claws in manners’ and keeping your cool when getting over excited. He has come a long way since being in foster but we would love a family that can appreciate that cats need training too. He does all the important things perfectly. He eats everything, uses his litter tray like a champ, socializes well with everyone. Just when it comes to play time it will be important not to stir him up with hands to trigger that old habit of biting that he is learning is unacceptable behaviour.

We think he is an amazing and loyal kitten. Despite his unstable beginnings he is so content and warm, and did I mention intelligent? He responds very well to his name and will come bounding to you when he is called. He purrs like a machine, and loves nothing more than giving you a head butt before falling asleep on your lap.

Opie currently lives in a multi-cat home, with small children and a large friendly dog. He is very adaptable as long as he is given his own space when he has had enough. We probably would recommend a house with children that can recognize when he needs some timeout, and can follow our recommendations of going easy on the rough play.

  IMG_5904 opie

Adoption fee: $170 each includes microchip, first vaccination, intestinal worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply online via our adoption form.
Contact Information  If you’d like to find out more about Opie, please contact: Janene at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.
Phone:  0432 405 474 or click here to email Janene.
Please note that we do not freight our kittens or cats and will only consider kitten adoptions under the age of 6 months for residents within a 25km radius of Brisbane.