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Astro – Male Domestic Short Hair Kitten

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Astro – Male Domestic Short Hair Kitten


Rescue kitten available for adoption in Ormiston, Brisbane:   Would you like a little white lion of your own? Astro might just be the cat that can help with that!  This little fella is growing up fast but still very much a playful kitten at heart.  He is confident, social, energetic and silly.  He loves to play games, especially those they involved boxes and things for him to chase.  He plays a great game of fetch and doesn’t mind a bit of foot tag either.

He has an adorable soft side to him, although hard to slow him down when he’s in play mode, once you settle into the couch and are ready for a sleep he’s right there with you; preferably on your lap, purring away.  This funny fella even forgets to swallow and does actually dribble a little bit when he’s super happy.  He likes to nuzzle into your clothes and go to sleep, almost like a baby.

He’s not fussy on who he cuddles, and is happy to be friends with everyone. He has a soft spot for kids and is ok with being dragged around the house. He does sometimes play a little rough, so we would recommend a home with kids that can recognize when he they are best to keep there fingers away and give him some space.

Astro is a white cat, in actual fact to look closely at his head he’s almost pink in colour.  His fur is thin which makes him highly susceptible to sunburn.  As a result it is imperative he goes to a home that can keep him safely protected from the sun.

He would be an ideal companion for another cat or friendly dog.  He is very fond of our large resident dog.  He is submissive with the other cats in the house and is not food or toy aggressive.

We believe he would adjust well to being a single pet as long as he could be given lots of toys and plenty of attention when you are home.

Photographer’s note: On any day that I photograph foster kittens, I never know who will strut their stuff and who will not come out from under the bed…or who will not get off your lap! Yes, Astro is the latter, he’s a lap cat, although he does perch with a slight incline that sees his head in line with your armpit and there he stays, purring his little head off while massaging away, making sure his human feels just right. So how does one photograph a kitten who wants to sit on your lap? With great difficulty. I’m not sure his photos represent his true, soulful self. Best you come and visit.

Adoption fee: $170 includes microchip, first and second vaccinations, intestinal worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing.

To fast track your enquiry, please apply online via our adoption form.
Please be advised that we do not freight our kittens or cats.  Astro’s approximate date of birth is 01/05/2013.
Contact Information

If you’d like to find out more about Astro, please contact Janene at Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc. Phone: 0432 405 474 or click here to email Janene Address:  Astro is in foster care in Ormiston.

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