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Yoda – female Devon Rex

Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Yoda – female Devon Rex


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Rescue Devon Rex for adoption in Capalaba (Redlands) Brisbane:   Pat me, pat me, pat me, I’m not needy but pat me, pat me, pat me.  Beautiful Yoda is a gentle soul, all she wants is a devoted human to love her exclusively.  Soft and squishy, and a little purr machine, until recently 9 year old Yoda lived with another family, so the transition in to a new home has been quite overwhelming, however every day she comes a little further out of “her” room to explore her new surroundings.

When it’s one-on-one time, Yoda just can’t get enough loving.  You just have to stand beside the bed and she’s on it, rubbing her little head over your hand to make sure you know she’s there and she’d appreciate a pat.

In establishing what kind of home environment will best suit Yoda, we believe she will be happiest in a mature home which is calm and peaceful.  By that we mean definitely no other cats, dogs or children under the age of 10.  This is what she’s used to, so we’d like to see that she’s matched in to a similar home.

Please note that we do not freight our cats and Yoda is not available for interstate transfer.

Adoption Process

Our adoption fee  of $150.  Yoda is desexed, microchipped, and is up to date with vaccinations.

Please apply online via our adoption form.

For more information about Yoda, please phone Janene on 0432 405 474.

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