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Blue – female domestic short hair cat

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Blue – female domestic short hair cat


Rescue cat for adoption in Ormiston, Brisbane: When someone decides to adopt an adult cat, it is an exciting time for us cat rescuers. Some adult cats can wait years for someone to stop and take notice of them, to choose them over the hundreds of others. So here’s Blue’s story, thank you for giving her the chance to tell it.

Blue came to us after being abandoned, heavily pregnant with five big babies on board and her huge eyes staring at us pleading for a warm, safe place to deliver them. She had been surviving on her own for some time. A few neighbours kept an eye on her and made sure she received some food here and there but when it was clear she was expecting, it became clear that the time had come for Blue to cease living a life in limbo and in to a loving foster home.

From that day on, Blue has learned what it is to be part of a family, to have constant food and a warm bed. The security of indoor living and confidence of people around her that just want to love her. Blue is now an indoor only cat so please, only continue with an application for Blue if yours is a genuine indoor only home. In our busy household Blue is one of four placid adult cats. She is confident around the small children of the house and spends much time trying to get pats from them. She has lived happily with friendly dogs too. She spends a lot of time following us around, happily watching us, giving us a polite meow and will then proceed to head butt anything in her path displaying her pure affections for you. Blue is not hand shy and has shown us that she is excellent with visitors to the house, presenting herself for pats. She is not too fond of being held though. Her manners are exceptional, she is flawless with her litter tray, keeps her food areas clean, and is respectful of kitchen benches. Blue doesn’t bite, and when she does play, she is sweet and gentle. She will enjoy cuddling up in a blanket on the lounge with you, she is kind and confident, low maintenance and a beautiful addition to the right family. Blue is a friend to anyone and everyone and is wanting nothing more than a life full of love and to feel valued. There is nothing we can fault her on. Blue is the perfect fur-friend. She will make an effort to befriend an existing cat or will be just fine on her own. She has a real mother quality about her…it almost feels as though she’s more interested in checking on you and making sure you’re happy than actually receiving a smooch for her own enjoyment. She oozes love and affection without invading your personal space and becoming demanding. If you would like further information on what is involved in keeping an indoor cat, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Adoption fee: $150
Our cats and kittens are covered by a 30 day settling in period. If you don’t believe the cat or kitten you’ve chosen is suitable, he or she may be returned to us and your adoption fee will be refunded in full.

Our adoption fee includes a veterinary health check, minimum first vaccination, microchip and desexing at one of our recommended vets.  Please note that we do not freight our kittens or cats. Applicants wanting to adopt a kitten less than 20 weeks of age must be located within a reasonable proximity to one of our participating Brisbane vets.

If you’d like to find out more about Blue, please phone Ana on 0466 631 164 or email our adoption coordinators at or better still, fast track your enquiry by applying online at 

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