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Sadie – domestic short hair adult cat

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Sadie – domestic short hair adult cat

IMG_9179 sadie

Rescue cat for adoption in Bracken Ridge, Brisbane: *adoption pending* We would like to introduce little Sadie. A pretty tabby with gorgeous green eyes, this petite girl has a big purr and a big heart.  There are three things that Sadie loves above all else and that is toast, her wand toy and to snuggle in close with her humans.  She will join you in the kitchen for breakfast and help prepare and then waits for little bits to ‘accidentally’ fall onto the floor.  When it comes to her wand toy, Sadie is very subtle.  She will sit and look at it and then look at you.  You don’t have to be psychic to know what she is thinking! She will chase it, jump for it and pounce on it like she is still a kitten.

And then there is snuggle time. Sadie is a burrower and will get as close as she possibly can. Either on your lap, in between your legs or in the crook of your arm.  If you need something, best let someone get it for you as once she’s there; she’s there for the duration…unless she’s hungry.  Here, little Sadie can be vocal.  When she is hungry, she will let you know but she never over eats, hence her petite frame. Sadie will get to know you and once she has relaxed, is a lovable little girl.  If you play with the wand toy, even better! That’s the way to her heart….oh and toast of course!  We feel Sadie can suit a home with a single person, a couple or a family with teenage children.  She gets along with her foster brothers and sister but will also be happy being the only cat.

Adoption Process

Sadie’s date of birth is November 2011.  Our cats and kittens are covered by a 30 day settling in period. If you don’t believe the cat or kitten you’ve chosen is suitable, he or she may be returned to us and your adoption fee will be refunded in full.  Our adoption fee of $150  includes a veterinary health check, microchip, desexing at one of our recommended vets, up to date intestinal worm and flea treatment and minimum first F3 vaccination (unless the kitten is still in foster when the booster vaccination is due, this will be included in the adoption fee).  Applicants wanting to adopt a kitten less than 20 weeks of age must be located within a reasonable proximity to one of our participating Brisbane vets.

Please note that we do not freight our kittens or cats.  Adoption applications can be completed on-line at where you’ll find the appropriate links (to the forms) on our home page.  If you would prefer to speak to one of our adoption co-ordinators, please call Ana on 0466 631 164 or Dan on 0409 413 038.