Brisbane and Redlands Area, Queensland

Bolt – male domestic short hair kitten

Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Bolt – male domestic short hair kitten

photo (3)Rescue kitten for adoption in Annerley, Brisbane:  We named this little guy Bolt because he is as fast as lightning! He’s so full of life and energy and love and cuddles too… is never boring with him around.  He will greet you loudly – just to make sure that you know he missed you – and he will welcome your visitors the same happy way. Bolt is a great companion as he follows you everywhere to see what you’re up to, like a little shadow. Once he knows where you are, he is also very happy to simply sit at the window, catch some sun rays and watch the world outside go by.

Bolt is not a lap cat, he’s a “face cat”. He loves nothing more than to lie on your chest, rub his face against yours, and purr his head off while he falls asleep. He is ridiculously affectionate, friendly to any new face, and just wants to be around his humans.  In between times, he’ll either entertain himself – and you – by chasing his ball through the room or – if you are up for a game – then he will jump after his dangling toys for you or show you how to catch a laser pointer.

If you prefer to have your bed for yourself at night, Bolt is used to going to sleep in his own room, but if you enjoy having a little fur ball in your bed, he loves to sleep snuggled up to you. He’ll just want out as soon as he hears the household waking up – then tons of pats and cuddles please!

For such a loving boy, he would not be suited to a home where he is alone for most of the day. We believe Bolt would be fine with children. If you want a vocal, in-your-face, demanding (in a nice way) kind of kitten – then Bolt is for you :-).

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