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Elfie – female domestic short hair cat

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Elfie – female domestic short hair cat

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Rescue cat for adoption in Ormiston *adoption pending*: A typical day for Elfie is very simple. She sleeps safely either on the end of her carers bed or tucked up safely in the laundry. Once the morning sun has settled she enjoys going outside in her safe yard for a roll in the garden and a play in the grass. She soon settles into her outdoor enclosure where she waits for her carer to hang out some washing, to tinker in the garden or to bring the kids outside for a play. She will happily join them, smooching legs and enjoying a pat. She will follow you back inside for a big sleep on your bed or a cosy spot near a window or return to the comforts of her enclosure.

She sleeps a lot just enjoying an afternoon play with a ball or a long thin stick to chase through the grass. Her favourite part of the day is when you go to bed and would allow her to lay with you. She will smooch and purr, thoroughly enjoying your company but when she’s had enough she might disappear to sleep on the end of your bed or in hers. She is highly affectionate but does function highly on her terms.

Being an ex street cat she communicates her feelings clearly with a growl if she feels that she would like you to back off. Her new owner must be someone not easily shaken by hissing or growling, as at this stage despite her huge adjustment to living amongst a family again, it’s a habit she has struggled to let go. For me as her carer I do not take offence to these behaviours. I can see she has been mistreated at some point and I am sympathetic to her. She showers me with love and affection, I just need to remember the boundaries and understand she is not a cat you would ever be able to rough up, tease, pick up randomly and tickle her belly or act in a manner that she would find confronting. In return for caring for Elfie she has become a dearly loved companion and friend to my husband and I. We find her behaviour predictable and see such a beautiful happy side to her now we have learnt how to be her respectful carers. She showers us with headbutts and lap cuddles. She is not a timid cat, but feels very threatened by other animals and will seek shelter from dogs and other cats. When I was trying to trap her to get her off the streets and into a home I witnessed a little brown mouse drink from her water bowl while she watched so we can only assume she is a lousy hunter or just very lazy. Despite losing her two top canine teeth, Elfie is in beautiful health and condition.

She is currently living out of her comfort zone as she shares her house with 3 other cats that pick on her a lot so she needs to be kept separated from them. It would be lovely to see Elfie have a home all to herself and an understanding family that are dedicated in giving her the kind of life she has been dreaming of. A place where she will be safe, shown patience and understanding and given the opportunity to blossom. Ideally I imagine it would be a home without children that will require her to fulfil any needs of theirs – although she currently lives with 3 small boys, and will allow a gentle pat and the occasional lounge hug, she is not a cat that will ever be a child’s pet. She loves grown ups, she loves calm, and she would love someone who has time to laze about with her in the sun and just live together in harmony, respect and love.

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