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HP – male domestic short hair cat

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HP – male domestic short hair cat


Rescue cat for adoption in Annerley:  Hi! I am HP – although one could think my name is Yummy Yummy Yummy – because that’s my cue, that dinner is ready and I come running! 
My foster mum can’t get enough of my beautiful shiny black coat, which is exceptionally soft. and I have a big meow! 
Since I kind of like her interacting with me, I do my best and give myself a genuine clean multiple times a day to keep it that way. I also make sure to give her lots of loving head butts to show that I really am happy to be safe and loved. At the moment I prefer to do that only when it’s just the two of us, I am just not quite sure yet whether to trust each and every one of these 2-legged creatures. Hence my favourite spot after the door bell rings is under the couch. However, I am getting braver by the day and have already met some lovely visitors. 
I am quite happy by myself – chilling at one of my favourite window spots or enjoying one of the many toys that I keep finding around the house. If my people are home, I like to be close by. I currently live together with my foster brother cat Max and I do enjoy playing chase around the house with him. So if you already have a friendly and calm cat companion, with the right slow introduction, we’ll get along well. 
Lately I have discovered the comfort of what my current humans call “bed” If there happens to be someone in it, I am likely to be what’s known as a feet warmer. Otherwise I just place myself right in the middle of it to enjoy a good cat nap. 
If you want to be my furever guardian, please let me settle into my new home slowly and at my pace and then we are going to be best mates furever. Oh, and please know, that I am very happy to jump onto your lap, once I know you and especially when you are willing to handfeed me a little. It just tastes better that way – plus it helps me forget about being shy. I am enjoying finding out that life is just so much more fun, when living safely inside with caring humans around and no need to be wary all the time.  In any case I’d just ask you to please throw a ball for me to run after or enjoy a game with a wand. I love that – and I still am practicing my jumps! Since I can’t really remember, the vet guesses I was born in December 2015. That means as grown up as I am when it comes to purrfectly using the litter tray and scratch posts, I am still a kitten at heart and love to forget the world around me playing with a little paper ball.

My approximate date of birth is December 2015 and my adoption fee is $150.

Adoption Process

Our adoption fee includes a veterinary health check, vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter, as required. Our kittens, adult cats, puppies and adult dogs are covered by a 30 day “settling in period.” If you don’t believe the pet you chose is suitable, he or she may be returned to us and your adoption fee will be refunded in full. Existing health conditions are addressed at the time of the initial veterinary consultation and declared in the “medical notes” on their individual listing.

During the “settling in period” we offer assurance to address any health concerns, pre-existing or otherwise, provided they are brought to our attention within 30 days from the date of adoption. This excludes any illness or injury is deemed accidental or deliberate. In the former instance, we will recommend you make an appointment with one of our participating vets for a consultation. Should you choose to use a vet of your own choice, we will not be responsible for the reimbursement of your vet fees.

Applicants wanting to adopt a kitten less than 20 weeks of age must be located within a reasonable proximity to one of our participating Brisbane vets.

Please note that we do not freight our kittens, adult cats, puppies or adult dogs.

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