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Tuppins – male domestic short hair cat

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Tuppins – male domestic short hair cat

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As a pet owner, can you even imagine yourself being admitted to full time care, and your partner in life, for the last 16 years, can’t come with you? Saying goodbye would be so hard.

This is Tuppins story, as told to us, and if you believe that he’s too old to be adopted, please stop reading now.

Tuppins has been loved. He was his elderly owner’s companion, her best friend, and possibly her reason and determination to maintain her independence, and at 93 years of age, that is a mighty effort. Does he miss her? I’m sure he does.

Are you wanting to know whether Tuppins has colloquially “moved on” and is he ready to love again. Well, he was unsettled for a couple of weeks, and that was mostly because he had to move house, but yes, he’s definitely on the lookout for someone to love.

I’ve only met Tuppins once, when I photographed him. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would he be freaked out by the camera, or me, I’m a stranger, and how old does a 16 year old cat really look, am I expected to photoshop his lines out? I needn’t have worried. I entered “his” room, and he was like “visitors, yay! You want me to pose for the camera? I can do that, but first I want pats, lots of them, and chin rubs, and ear massages, and can I head butt you too? What? I’m too close to the camera? But I just want to get close to you. Let me see how I look. Yes, I look amazing” and all the while, this dear little man was purring his sweet head off. Yep, it took Tuppins a long time to become this awesome.

Because we understand that there will always be some nervousness when adopting senior pets, we are waiving his adoption fee, we are committing a generous annual financial contribution towards his ongoing veterinary care, for the remainder of his life.

Our adoption process is the same for Tuppins as it is every other cat in our care. Only the best will do.

Medical Notes

Tuppins is in excellent health, for his age. His owner doted on him, and he’s always been an indoor cat, so he hasn’t been allowed to get in too much strife. Tuppins has had a recent dental and health check, he received a gold star!

Adoption Process

Our adoption fee includes a veterinary health check, vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter, as required. Our kittens, adult cats, puppies and adult dogs are covered by a 30 day “settling in period.” If you don’t believe the pet you chose is suitable, he or she may be returned to us and your adoption fee will be refunded in full. Existing health conditions are addressed at the time of the initial veterinary consultation and declared in the “medical notes” on their individual listing.

During the “settling in period” we offer assurance to address any health concerns, pre-existing or otherwise, provided they are brought to our attention within 30 days from the date of adoption. This excludes any illness or injury is deemed accidental or deliberate. In the former instance, we will recommend you make an appointment with one of our participating vets for a consultation. Should you choose to use a vet of your own choice, we will not be responsible for the reimbursement of your vet fees.

Applicants wanting to adopt a kitten less than 20 weeks of age must be located within a reasonable proximity to one of our participating Brisbane vets.

Please note that we do not freight our kittens, adult cats, puppies or adult dogs.

Adoption applications can be completed on-line where you’ll find the appropriate links (to the forms) on our home page.

If you would prefer to speak to one of our adoption co-ordinators, please call the number on individual listings or email

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