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ADOPTS adult sisters Ruby and Bella for $150!

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ADOPTS adult sisters Ruby and Bella for $150!

Rescue cats for adoption in Birkdale:There is no friend like a sister, say Ruby and Bella. These little social butterflies have been together for ever and even though Ruby (the black and white goddess, as she thinks she is) would most likely cope on her own, it’s her very friendly and inquisitive sister Bella who tends to lean on Ruby and check she hasn’t left the building and deserted her.

Both girls are estimated to be about 4 years old and came into rescue in September 2013 after their family relocated back to the USA. With a shot at a new home, Bella decided it wasn’t the home for her and both girls came back into care. It seems Bella loves being up high and gazing out the windows all day long. She LOVES the fresh air and even protests if the window is closed. Something she didn’t have in the design of her almost forever home. Ruby on the other hand just goes with flow and enjoys a lap to sit on or just likes to let you know “hey it’s me, HI!” Ruby too, every summer, has her coat shaved, something she doesn’t seem to mind (if you are quick).

Both girls would be at their happiest in a home with big open windows where they cannot escape and a family who can give them PLENTY of attention, something they were and still have become very accustomed to. Ruby and Bella also have never been outside cats and would be most content as indoor only cats, and if you have an attached enclosure they would love you forever.

Ruby and Bella have mostly lived with mature adults where somebody is home most days. They also live alongside several cats, but would love their own space. Neither have ever been around dogs but live quite comfortably with several caged cockatiels.

If you know these girls could possibly be the PURR-FECT addition to your family, please feel free to call their foster carer Rebecca on 0402 588 267.

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