Brisbane and Redlands Area, Queensland


Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc. is all about saving lives, by promoting awareness as to the welfare of companion animals and educating those that wish to learn more about responsible pet ownership. 

Located in Brisbane and servicing South East Queensland, Pets Without Partners was initially formed in early 2007.  During the last 9 years, we have experienced many changes, however our focus hasn’t strayed.  Our sole purpose of this group is to reduce the euthanasia rates of  adoptable animals that would otherwise fail in a traditional shelter or pound environment.

We have a dedicated team of Volunteers who ask for nothing more than the satisfaction in knowing that their belief in saving animals is realised.  Many of them have worked or volunteered in mainstream animal shelters.  Collectively, we have over 150 years experience in direct animal care and welfare.  We’ve seen first hand the devastation as extraordinary volumes of animals arrive at shelters, and for many this is their last home.  Euthanasia rates in Australia (and around the world) are high due to overpopulation.  This certainly applies for cats.  For dogs, surrender reasons are mostly due to behaviour with the majority of dogs usually abandoned under the age of 12 months. 

While we understand that there will always be a need for shelters, we do not envisage this type of environment for ourselves.  Shelters are very stressful and in many instances, incubators for infectious diseases.  We endorse the healthier option (physically and mentally) by fostering animals that are waiting to be adopted, in a safe, secure and loving home environment.

Every animal that comes in to our care receives a veterinary health check which includes vaccinations, micro-chipping and spay/neuter, as required.  Any health concerns are addressed at the time of the initial veterinary consultation and can include dental problems and skin diseases.

When searching for permanent homes for our foster animals, we have implemented a screening program that is strictly adhered to and designed to protect our foster animals from an uncertain future.   We take what we do, seriously.  As a small independent self funded rescue group, we have successfully found homes for hundreds of displaced animals and have been pro-active in establishing community based solutions to ongoing welfare issues.  

Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc. is an Incorporated Association and a Registered Charity!  Before donating, ask yourself “does this rescue group do what they say, will 100% my donation really go directly to the animals?”  If you’re satisfied with your answer, then please click here to donate.   All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.