Brisbane and Redlands Area, Queensland


Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Sponsoring provides the financial and moral support needed for us to continue our work with unwanted and abandoned animals.  In turn, this enables us to make available the following services to the animals currently in our foster care program:

  • $10  feeds one foster animal for a fortnight
  • $20 treats one foster animal for intestinal worms and fleas
  • $30 microchips one foster animal, providing them with permanent identification
  • $40 vaccinates a foster kitten, cat or dog against infections and deadly diseases
  • $50 sterilises a foster male cat
  • $100 sterilises a foster female cat, and since feline overpopulation is largely due to entire cats, this is a gift that not only saves lives, it keeps on giving back by reducing euthanasia rates of unwanted litters
  • $150 sterilises a male dog
  • $250 sterilises a female dog

With individual sponsorship for as little as $25 per month and business sponsorship starting from $50 per month, your donation will support compounding costs until such time as our foster animals are adopted especially as 1 in 5 fosters require additional veterinary services over and above our standard operating procedures,

Please email  for more information on this clever way of marketing yourself and your business, or perhaps you’d like to purchase individual sponsorship as a gift?  Annual tax receipts are issued at the end of the financial year.

We are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors and thank you for supporting our belief in recognising the value in Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of animals without owners.