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Khan – male Bengal mix

*Foster home needed* Rescue cat for adoption in Greenslopes. Qld: BBB – that’s all you need to know about Khan! He certainly has the typical Bengal personality – Big and Bold and Beautiful! Sadly for Khan, he plays too rough with other cats, and the situation in his current home has become too hard to […]

Tippy – female domestic short hair cat

  *Foster home needed* Rescue cat for adoption in Fitzgibbon: What’s Tippy’s best feature? Well, aside from being the BIGGEST and BESTEST cuddle bum EVER, Tippy is a beautiful, relaxed and gentle older lady. She was orphaned late last year and has been cared by her foster family for the past 3 months. We believe […]

Lewisa – female medium haired Manx

Rescue cat for adoption in Dutton Park: Lovely Lewisa is an affectionate girl who wears (with pride) the nickname “Butterball”. That is, until you get the laser pointer out! No more Butterball then, because she will chase that red dot for ages! She is a fairly low energy cat and to be honest (don’t tell […]

Margot – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Cannon Hill: Even though our very own Margot (named after the GORGEOUS Margot Robbie) isn’t a big Hollywood actress, we still think she’s a star – a feline star. And if we had to name a movie after this gal it would be A Little Princess. Why? Because butter wouldn’t melt […]

Kenickie – male domestic short hair adolescent cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Chermside West: Hey! I’m Kenickie! Like my brother Zuko, I just graduated from Rydell High and I’m looking for my next adventure. I’m a laid back guy who enjoys the company of other people, especially ladies’ laps. My social group is currently some other cool cats and some small relaxed dogs, […]

Indi – female Manx adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in West End: 7 year old Indi is in her middle youth. Old enough to know better, yet young enough to do it again!  When prompted to play, she can still find her inner kitten, because she’s loves toys, but mostly, she’s quiet and gentle, and that’s also the kind of […]

Evie – domestic short hair adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Birkdale: I got some money in my pocket, I got the car keys in my hand, I got myself a couple of tickets, to see a rock’n rollin’ band…and if you know the title to that song then you will definitely recognise the name of this gorgeous girl! Little (or […]

Chico – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Coorparoo: My name is Chico (though maybe it should be Black Beauty). My previous owner deliberately abandoned me and my kittens. I’m only a baby myself, around 12-18 months of age tops. I’m grateful for every morsel of food, every gentle pat, and thankful for every opportunity to prove that […]

Bella – female domestic short hair adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Holland Park: Sometimes life just throws us a curve ball. Petite Bella has been adjusting to a world where her special person is no longer well enough to continue to provide care. After a period of grieving and missing her loving companion, Bella has turned a corner. She has started eating […]

Gene – male ragdoll x domestic short hair cat

  Rescue cat for adoption in Hemmant: Gene came to us a walking skeleton, hidden by his pretty fur coat in November 2015; he hid well the fact that he was literally starving to death. He was removed from the streets after a kind lady befriended him and tamed him enough to pick him up. […]

Pollywaffle – female Tonkinese cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Zillmere:  Do you like to chat? Would you like to share your life with a cat that likes to chat back? Then Pollywaffle is your girl! Pollywaffle is happiest when she is in the company of her family so her ideal home would be one that has someone home for […]

Meesha – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Everton Hills: Hi I’m Meesha, I’m a short hair domesticated cat. I have large emerald eyes and beautiful markings on my body. I’m a very relaxed cat who loves to lay down next to my window watching the world go by. During the night when you are sleeping I like […]

Tuppins – male domestic short hair cat

As a pet owner, can you even imagine yourself being admitted to full time care, and your partner in life, for the last 16 years, can’t come with you? Saying goodbye would be so hard. This is Tuppins story, as told to us, and if you believe that he’s too old to be adopted, please […]

Willow – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Holland Park: All you have to do is stare into those mesmerising amber eyes, then before you know it, you’re hooked! An absolutely stunning girl, whose outside beauty matches her inner beauty. Willow has been fostered previously with young children, a small indoor dog, and 3 chooks that on occasions enter […]

Tilly – female oriental manx cat

Rescue adolescent cat for adoption in Thornlands: If you ever wanted a dog/cat, or cat/dog, then this is Tilly! I’m sure Tilly thinks she’s a dog. She fetches, she follows you everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) whether I’m in the shower, brushing my teeth, or on the toilet, and she sleeps on top of me […]

Olivia – female cornish rex cat

Rescue Cornish Rex Cat available for adoption in Cleveland: Beautiful “Olivia” is officially available for adoption! Olivia is very affectionate and loves the company of people. She won’t necessarily enjoy being home alone for extended periods. As she has recently had cat flu, we’re not recommending she be rehomed with other cats, and besides, she’d […]