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Ruby & Bella – female domestic cats

Rescue cats for adoption in Birkdale: There is no friend like a sister, say Ruby and Bella. These little social butterflies have been together for ever and even though Ruby (the black and white goddess, as she thinks she is) would most likely cope on her own, it’s her very friendly and inquisitive sister Bella […]

Ava – female domestic short hair kitten

  Located in Zillmere, Brisbane: Little Miss Ava is nothing short of divine! Her soft coat, love of headbutts and nose to nose kisses and her habit of following her people from room to room make her totally irresistible. Ava is a low maintenance girl who will happily keep herself amused for hours, and then […]

Evie – domestic short hair adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Birkdale: I got some money in my pocket, I got the car keys in my hand, I got myself a couple of tickets, to see a rock’n rollin’ band…and if you know the title to that song then you will definitely recognise the name of this gorgeous girl! Little (or […]

Domino – female domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Coorparoo: Hi my name is Domino. I am a playful kitten who likes to relax with my family on the couch and play in my tunnel. I have recently discovered shadows which I love to try to catch. I also love chasing my tail and staring out windows watching the […]

TJ – male domestic short hair kitten

*Adoption Pending!*  Rescue kitten for adoption in Jamboree Heights: How do you explain the all mighty TJ in just a few lines? Little lion TJ is one little kitten with a mighty big character! The complete opposite of his sister, TJ is a confident little dude who loves to play, eat, cuddle then play again! […]

Harvey Havaheart – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Upper Mt Gravatt: Harvey the Heartbreaker started his life out on the streets, but was rescued when he was just 10 days old. He has been raised in a foster home with lots of handling and attention, so he loves his humans! Harvey is a little ball of energy who […]

Lord Archibald – male domestic medium hair kitten

  Rescue kitten for adoption in Upper Mt Gravatt: Archie is a cuddly, loving fluff ball with the sweetest nature, he is the most laid-back dude I have ever met in cat-form. He is very placid, calm and nothing phases him. He’s happy to eat, sleep and play his days away in peace and harmony. […]

Squeak – male domestic short hair cat

I’m part human! Rescue cat for adoption in Richlands: Is there a mouse in the house? None of this loud yowling, or complaining…I sound a little like a mouse…eek! I like to play “hard to get” at first, but bring on the food, that’ll win me over and once I trust you (seriously, that doesn’t […]

Phoebe – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Everton Hills, Brisbane: Phoebe is a cute, squishy black and white girl who gets along with dogs and cats, and she also loves children. Even though she is a little on the ‘cuddly’ side, Phoebe is very playful and doesn’t mind being left home alone. She thinks a piece of string […]

Kevin – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in West Chermside, Brisbane: Kevin is as cute as the minion he is named after.  He really is the perfect little bundle, running, playing, jumping like any normal kitten, but then happy to snuggle up with his human for a nap – all the while purring as he drifts off. Kevin […]

Zoey – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue kitten for adoption in Chermside West: Hello, my name is Zoey. I love attention and to be around my family, I just want to be next to, or resting in your lap. I love to snuggle and cuddle, especially on the couch and in bed. I will often pull your hand towards me for […]

Squeak & Dinah – male and female adolescent cats

                              Rescue adolescent cats for adoption in Tingalpa, Brisbane: Say hello to this dynamic duo!  Squeak (white and black) and Dinah (white and ginger) are easy going siblings (and partners in crime!) who have been in foster care since around 4 […]

Jasper – male Devon Rex

Rescue cat for adoption at Mt Gravatt, Brisbane: Hi, my name is Jasper and I’m one of those exotic, entrancing Devon Rexes! Those that know my breed, love my breed! I am an indoor cat where it is nice and safe for me, and safe for the birds on the other side of the windows. […]

Angus – male labrador x staffy puppy

Rescue puppy for adoption in Wellington Point: Wanted: My name is Angus and I am looking for love in all the right places. It is my foster mum’s dream to see me find that special home that has all the elements that I have grown to love while living with her. I am often referred […]

Chance – male domestic medium hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Carina, Queensland: Chase is the sweetest little boy who loves, loves, loves attention, but not in a needy kind of way. Chase loves to play rough and tumble with his sister. All’s fair in love and war, and these two fight for fun, and it’s heaps funnier than the football! […]

Tommy – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Paddington, Brisbane:  Tommy the tom cat is a little adventurer! He isn’t afraid of new things and can be heard throughout the day galloping around trying to see as much of the world as possible in a short time frame. Because of this, he wears out quickly where he will […]