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Knox – male domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Jamboree Heights: How to write a summary about who is, arguably, the perfect cat? Knox ticks all the boxes; he is an affectionate, cuddly cat teen who absolutely loves to play. He is patient and gentle, and nothing seems to bother him. Be it a vacuum cleaner or grabbing baby, […]

Ruby & Bella – female domestic cats

Rescue cats for adoption in Birkdale: There is no friend like a sister, say Ruby and Bella. These little social butterflies have been together for ever and even though Ruby (the black and white goddess, as she thinks she is) would most likely cope on her own, it’s her very friendly and inquisitive sister Bella […]

Delta – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Birkdale: Ask most people involved in animal rescue, and they’ll swear it’s true, that black cats are the last to be adopted. Sad but true  But REMEMBER one thing – Love knows no colour! Your cat doesn’t care what colour YOUR hair is, right? So then it may come […]

Khan – male Bengal mix

*Foster home needed* Rescue cat for adoption in Greenslopes. Qld: BBB – that’s all you need to know about Khan! He certainly has the typical Bengal personality – Big and Bold and Beautiful! Sadly for Khan, he plays too rough with other cats, and the situation in his current home has become too hard to […]

Quasi – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Greenslopes: We have named him Quasi as he has a little Roman nose. He is extremely energetic and playful but once he has tired himself out loves sleeping or cuddling up on his humans. He gets on well with the resident cats and we think he would suit a household […]

Tippy – female domestic short hair cat

  *Foster home needed* Rescue cat for adoption in Fitzgibbon: What’s Tippy’s best feature? Well, aside from being the BIGGEST and BESTEST cuddle bum EVER, Tippy is a beautiful, relaxed and gentle older lady. She was orphaned late last year and has been cared by her foster family for the past 3 months. We believe […]

Lewisa – female medium haired Manx

Rescue cat for adoption in Dutton Park: Lovely Lewisa is an affectionate girl who wears (with pride) the nickname “Butterball”. That is, until you get the laser pointer out! No more Butterball then, because she will chase that red dot for ages! She is a fairly low energy cat and to be honest (don’t tell […]

Margot – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cats for adoption in Cannon Hill: If we had to name a movie after this gal it would be A Little Princess. Why? Because butter wouldn’t melt in this little one’s mouth. So, let it be known then, that not all tortoise shells girls are ‘naughty’ or have ‘tortitude’. In fact, this little tortie […]

Kenickie – male domestic short hair adolescent cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Chermside West: Hey! I’m Kenickie! Like my brother Zuko, I just graduated from Rydell High and I’m looking for my next adventure. I’m a laid back guy who enjoys the company of other people, especially ladies’ laps. My social group is currently some other cool cats and some small relaxed dogs, […]

Indi – female Manx adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in West End: 7 year old Indi is in her middle youth. Old enough to know better, yet young enough to do it again!  When prompted to play, she can still find her inner kitten, because she’s loves toys, but mostly, she’s quiet and gentle, and that’s also the kind of […]

Rock – male domestic short hair kitten

Located in Zillmere, Brisbane: Looking for the perfect kitten to fit into your family? Then Rock is the kitten for you! What can I say about this little man, Rock is playful, agile, cheeky and makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. He is also super affectionate and will happily accept all of […]

Ava – female domestic short hair kitten

  Located in Zillmere, Brisbane: Little Miss Ava is nothing short of divine! Her soft coat, love of headbutts and nose to nose kisses and her habit of following her people from room to room make her totally irresistible. Ava is a low maintenance girl who will happily keep herself amused for hours, and then […]

Talulah – female domestic short hair kitten

*on hold*  I’m Talulah, and you can find me at Redland Bay: Aside from being uber cute, I’m most awesome when it comes to my friendliness with other cats, I love them, LOTS! We buddy up and run, run, run at record speeds, tearing through tunnels, playing hide ‘n’ seek. We have LOTS of fun. […]

Evie – domestic short hair adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Birkdale: I got some money in my pocket, I got the car keys in my hand, I got myself a couple of tickets, to see a rock’n rollin’ band…and if you know the title to that song then you will definitely recognise the name of this gorgeous girl! Little (or […]

Oates – female domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Brisbane CBD: Hi everyone! My name is Oates and I am a champion headbutter. Oh, and I’m very pretty. Love me yet? My favourite thing of all time is headbutting, headbutting and more headbutting. I’ve recently discovered…. tunnels….. SO MUCH FUN!!! And boxes…. And shoelaces…. And balls…. AND sleep. I’m […]

Chico – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Redland Bay: My name is Chico, though you can call me Black Beauty. I love people and I’m gentle and very affectionate. I don’t believe in scratching or biting, it’s not my thing. I will be sure to greet you with excited meows when you arrive home and make you […]