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Patch – male fox terrier cross

Rescue dog for adoption in Wakerley: Patch is a calm and tolerant boy with a no fuss attitude. He will provide ample hugs and affection in return for a belly rub. A quiet and gentle boy- a bit reserved but full of personality once he is comfortable in his environment- which may take a few […]

Moby – male shih tzu puppy

Rescue puppy for adoption in Salisbury: Who would have thought so much personality could fit into such a small body? Moby is certainly a character. He is happiest when he is playing and his favourite pastime is running around with his toys in his mouth, showing you how much fun he is having. He tries […]

Aurora – female Jack Russell terrier mix

Rescue dog for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: Aurora is a people-pleaser who loves attention. As an adolescent dog, she is energetic and tends to get very excited when playing, so Aurora needs an active-lifestyle home where noisy play sessions won’t be a problem. When not having a play session though, she is a quiet and […]

Roxy – female senior labrador dog

Rescue Labrador available for adoption at Forest Lake, Brisbane: Foxy Roxy is aged somewhere between 8 and 10 years of age.  We don’t know her history, however we do know that she is a beautiful companion dog!  Sure, she has a few aches and pains consistent with her age…don’t we all?  Roxy loves company.  She […]

Serge – large male labrador cross breed dog

Rescue dog for adoption in Forest Lake, Brisbane – Serge is a young, high energy, dog with a passion for people and a comfortable sofa…who isn’t? Serge is a real people pleaser and while not motivated by food, he will do anything for a high value treat! Sit, drop, stay…leave it, good dog! Serge is soft […]

Minnie…her road to recovery continues!

This is week 8 of Minnie’s recovery.  Minnie was hit by a car and left on the roadside,  that is until someone realised it wasn’t that she didn’t want to move, it was more like she couldn’t.  Before she had time to argue, she was transported to the nearest Vet for emergency treatment.  She was scanned for […]