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Kenickie – male domestic short hair adolescent cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Chermside West: Hey! I’m Kenickie! Like my brother Zuko, I just graduated from Rydell High and I’m looking for my next adventure. I’m a laid back guy who enjoys the company of other people, especially ladies’ laps. My social group is currently some other cool cats and some small relaxed dogs, […]

Anzac – male domestic medium hair kitten

*Adoption Pending* Rescue kitten for adoption in Cleveland: Anzac is the biggest bundle of awesomeness!  One of three amazingly luscious kittens, he’s quite an extrovert, has the playful thing going on, and he has plenty of energy.  He thinks he’s a lion, minus the roar, of course. Anzac is a very social kitten, and he […]

Digger – male medium hair young cat

Rescue kitten for adoption in Thorneside: Chilled out dude who likes a chat…that’s our boy Digger. The gorgeous ginger has personality plus! Digger is great at catching flies, and is obsessed with water – you cannot brush your teeth alone with this guy around. He is a great car traveller who never utters a peep, […]

Poppy – female domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Cleveland: Poppy is one of three sensational kittens. Her brothers have big personalities, while Poppy is delicate and dainty, NOT!  She’s just as rough and tumble as the boys, demonstrating that girls can do anything boys can.  She is master slayer of invisible aliens, something they are not. You go […]

Tuppins – male domestic short hair cat

As a pet owner, can you even imagine yourself being admitted to full time care, and your partner in life, for the last 16 years, can’t come with you? Saying goodbye would be so hard. This is Tuppins story, as told to us, and if you believe that he’s too old to be adopted, please […]

Olaf – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Thornlands: Olaf is sweet, cuddly and will just love someone to dote over him. He has come from rough beginnings but has blossomed in a calm and loving environment. He is everything a kitten should be. He’s goofy and fun, playful and at times a little bit like a needy […]

Rocky – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Jamboree Heights: Once upon there was a kitten named Rocky who came into the world as a homeless street kitty. After being spotted one evening, many nights were spent trying to save the little kitten. And eventually, success! Beautiful Rocky spent his first night inside. There were many firsts for […]

Chilli – female domestic short hair cat

Located at Stafford Heights: Chili is an adorable and gentle little girl who will make an awesome pet. She enjoys belly rubs, pats, food and running from one side of the house to the other as fast as possible. Chili loves to play! She will chase toys, bugs and anything else that looks enticing including […]

Lacey – female domestic medium hair cat

Rescue kitten for adoption in Cleveland: Welcome loyal (or should that be royal?) subjects. My name is Queen Lacey, although I will answer to the affectionate but peasant like name of “Kitty Kitty”. I choose to rule from a safe spot where I can supervise my kingdom and ensure you are behaving to my royal […]

Gracie – female domestic short hair cat

This sweet-natured ginger girl will tiptoe right into your heart. Gracie is a gentle girl who loves being groomed and having her regular pats. She loves a comfy chair or cupboard whilst you are away during the day, then struts the house with her tail held high when your home, loves chasing a rattly ball […]

Harry – domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Ferny Hills: Hi, I’m Harry. I love being around you and being very nosey. I will help you with the shopping the bags mostly and in the bathroom sitting in the tub…once that’s done, playing with my special toy fish (I love him). I also like to play kitten games on […]

Cleo – female domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Ferny Hills: Hi there my name is Cleo and I’m a little ball of energy. I love to play with my toys and I’m not bad at kitten games on the computer either. I love to sit in the sun, best part of my day is playing on the veranda […]

Kha – male domestic short hair kitten

Located in West Chermside: Hi – let me introduce myself. My name is Kha, and I’m looking for a home I can call my very own. Don’t get me wrong, where I am staying is pretty awesome but I would love some humans of my own. Only one condition though…I like sharing them with another […]

Artie – male domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in South Brisbane: Hi! My name is Artie, but I may remind you of Puss in Boots with my ginger colour and my big cute eyes. I’m about 1 year old, and quite shy at first, I’m very good at finding hiding places when I’m scared. I am so gentle though […]

Olivia – female domestic short hair cat

  Rescue cat available for adoption in Cleveland, Brisbane: Olivia is calm and friendly, although not a lap cat she does like to sit beside you, headbutts you and follows you around the house. She keeps you company in the nicest possible way. You would be the right type of home for Olivia if you […]

Jaydee – male domestic short hair kitten

  Rescue kitten for adoption in West End, Brisbane:  Jaydee was the slowest starter, quietly watching everyone and working out what was going on. Once he had figured out his place in the pack he fast became the happiest little monkey in the pack who loves playing with his brother Squeaky, can purr the house […]