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Khan – male Bengal mix

*Foster home needed* Rescue cat for adoption in Greenslopes. Qld: BBB – that’s all you need to know about Khan! He certainly has the typical Bengal personality – Big and Bold and Beautiful! Sadly for Khan, he plays too rough with other cats, and the situation in his current home has become too hard to […]

Quasi – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Greenslopes: We have named him Quasi as he has a little Roman nose. He is extremely energetic and playful but once he has tired himself out loves sleeping or cuddling up on his humans. He gets on well with the resident cats and we think he would suit a household […]

Lewisa – female medium haired Manx

Rescue cat for adoption in Dutton Park: Lovely Lewisa is an affectionate girl who wears (with pride) the nickname “Butterball”. That is, until you get the laser pointer out! No more Butterball then, because she will chase that red dot for ages! She is a fairly low energy cat and to be honest (don’t tell […]

Kenickie – male domestic short hair adolescent cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Chermside West: Hey! I’m Kenickie! Like my brother Zuko, I just graduated from Rydell High and I’m looking for my next adventure. I’m a laid back guy who enjoys the company of other people, especially ladies’ laps. My social group is currently some other cool cats and some small relaxed dogs, […]

Rock – male domestic short hair kitten

Located in Zillmere, Brisbane: Looking for the perfect kitten to fit into your family? Then Rock is the kitten for you! What can I say about this little man, Rock is playful, agile, cheeky and makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. He is also super affectionate and will happily accept all of […]

Gene – male ragdoll x domestic short hair cat

  Rescue cat for adoption in Hemmant: Gene came to us a walking skeleton, hidden by his pretty fur coat in November 2015; he hid well the fact that he was literally starving to death. He was removed from the streets after a kind lady befriended him and tamed him enough to pick him up. […]

Anzac – male domestic medium hair kitten

*Adoption Pending* Rescue kitten for adoption in Cleveland: Anzac is the biggest bundle of awesomeness!  One of three amazingly luscious kittens, he’s quite an extrovert, has the playful thing going on, and he has plenty of energy.  He thinks he’s a lion, minus the roar, of course. Anzac is a very social kitten, and he […]

Digger – male medium hair young cat

Rescue kitten for adoption in Thorneside: Chilled out dude who likes a chat…that’s our boy Digger. The gorgeous ginger has personality plus! Digger is great at catching flies, and is obsessed with water – you cannot brush your teeth alone with this guy around. He is a great car traveller who never utters a peep, […]

Anzac – male domestic medium hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Cleveland: Is Anzac a typical kitten? Well, he has the playful thing going on, and he has plenty of energy, so that’s reasonably typical. What sets Anzac apart from some (not all) kittens is his adaptability. Anzac is good with kids, cats, and dogs, so he’s very versatile. He has […]

Tuppins – male domestic short hair cat

As a pet owner, can you even imagine yourself being admitted to full time care, and your partner in life, for the last 16 years, can’t come with you? Saying goodbye would be so hard. This is Tuppins story, as told to us, and if you believe that he’s too old to be adopted, please […]

Olaf – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Thornlands: Olaf is sweet, cuddly and will just love someone to dote over him. He has come from rough beginnings but has blossomed in a calm and loving environment. He is everything a kitten should be. He’s goofy and fun, playful and at times a little bit like a needy […]

Sterling McWhiskers – male silver tabby kitten

Well Hello There Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Sterling McWhiskers and I am looking to join a new country club. I have been described as dashing, charming, playful and affectionate. I’ve also been told I look like George Clooney, but to be honest I think I have more handsome eyes. Striking in looks and social […]

Theo – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Mount Cotton:  Theo is a stunning little boy just wanting to be loved. Theo was visibly traumatised after being dumped in a box with his mum and brother. He was fearful of people and would seek shelter when someone approached which we think is quite understandable. Since being separated from […]

Riley – male domestic medium hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Mount Cotton:  Riley is curious, adventurous and loves to play; ping pong balls are his favourite, he’s even learning to bat them back to you.  Riley currently resides in a busy home with other cats, dogs and is often visited by small children. His origins are unknown to us, but […]

Rocky – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Jamboree Heights: Once upon there was a kitten named Rocky who came into the world as a homeless street kitty. After being spotted one evening, many nights were spent trying to save the little kitten. And eventually, success! Beautiful Rocky spent his first night inside. There were many firsts for […]

Patch – male fox terrier cross

Rescue dog for adoption in Wakerley: Patch is a calm and tolerant boy with a no fuss attitude. He will provide ample hugs and affection in return for a belly rub. A quiet and gentle boy- a bit reserved but full of personality once he is comfortable in his environment- which may take a few […]