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Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Lewisa – female medium haired Manx

Rescue cat for adoption in Dutton Park: Lovely Lewisa is an affectionate girl who wears (with pride) the nickname “Butterball”. That is, until you get the laser pointer out! No more Butterball then, because she will chase that red dot for ages! She is a fairly low energy cat and to be honest (don’t tell…
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Indi – female Manx adult cat

Rescue cat for adoption in West End: 7 year old Indi is in her middle youth. Old enough to know better, yet young enough to do it again!  When prompted to play, she can still find her inner kitten, because she’s loves toys, but mostly, she’s quiet and gentle, and that’s also the kind of…
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Tilly – female oriental manx cat

Rescue adolescent cat for adoption in Thornlands: If you ever wanted a dog/cat, or cat/dog, then this is Tilly! I’m sure Tilly thinks she’s a dog. She fetches, she follows you everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) whether I’m in the shower, brushing my teeth, or on the toilet, and she sleeps on top of me…
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Hollywood – female oriental cross manx cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Greenslopes, Brisbane: *adoption pending* This stunning little oriental-cross-manx is a bit of a minx! We nicknamed her “Miss Hollywood” as she is such a D.I.V.A…..typical of her mixed breeds, Holly is gregarious and spirited – she is a cat who will never be boring! Confident Holly does not suffer from…
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Sadie – Female Manx Cat

Rescue cat available for adoption in Arana Hills, Brisbane:  Meet Sadie,  she is two years old, and like a fine wine, only gets better with age. She came to us after ending up in a vet clinic as a stray, but with love and patience she is leaving the hardships of her past behind her.…
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Arthur – Male Domestic Short Hair Kitten

Rescue kitten available for adoption in Brisbane CBD:  Arthur is adventurous, extremely playful, a ‘mammas boy’ and the biggest snuggle pot when it is time to have a nap … but forget about trying to get him to come for a cuddle when he is busy playing. Arthur is always purring, no matter what he…
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Luya – female adult manx cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Kedron, Brisbane:  Luya is unique.  She’s a beautiful light ginger Manx . .  yes, no tail, and looks like a little bunny rabbit when she runs up the stairs with her back legs hopping on each step.  I call her my little kitty rabbit. She has a very pretty face…
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