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Aria – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Annerley, Brisbane: **adoption pending**  Aria is a gentle girl with a uniquely coloured and supersoft fur . Having a lot of affection to give we are sure she will win your heart in no time. She is a very gentle, easy going girl who gets on well with other cats […]

Olley – male Turkish Van cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Everton Hills, Brisbane: **adoption pending**  Hi my name is Olley and I’m a beautiful Turkish Van. My bright blue eyes, silky smooth coat and cruisey cuddly personality will make every day a joy for you! My breed is known to swim and sing. I love to sit on the window […]

Sebastian – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: This gorgeous black boy is Sebastian and he is a very cool cat….he is extremely playful, always on the go and getting up to mischief. He also likes to come check out what you are doing from time to time and have a bit of a chat. A […]

Persephone and Pip – Dual Adoption female domestic short hair kittens

Rescue kittens for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: Some things are just meant to go together, like milk and cookies, pancakes and syrup, ice cream and topping. Sisters Persephone and Pip are two such things. They complement each other like a fabulous dress with the right pair of shoes. Persephone is the feisty one who won’t […]

Groot – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: Groot is charming, playful, and loveable….in fact there are a long list of adjectives that could be used to describe him so maybe we should just settle on one…..ADORABLE! Everyone who meets Groot instantly falls for his charms, he has that wonderful combination of looks, personality and cheekiness that is […]

Stewart – male domestic short hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in West Chermside, Brisbane: Stewart is a fluffy, fuzzy bundle of FUN!  The fluff doesn’t slow him down at all as he loves to run and play and tumble, whether it be with either of his brothers or with one of the resident cats at his foster home.  Stewart also loves […]

Zoey – female domestic short hair cat

Rescue kitten for adoption in Chermside West: Hello, my name is Zoey. I love attention and to be around my family, I just want to be next to, or resting in your lap. I love to snuggle and cuddle, especially on the couch and in bed. I will often pull your hand towards me for […]

Izzy – female domestic short hair

Rescue cat for adoption in Cleveland, Brisbane: When it comes good company, there’s nothing quite like a conversation with an understanding cat who agrees with anything and everything. You can rant until your throat is dry and she’ll still meow softy, acknowledging your conversation. Izzy isn’t a vocal cat, however she does like to have […]

Squeak & Dinah – male and female adolescent cats

                              Rescue adolescent cats for adoption in Tingalpa, Brisbane: Say hello to this dynamic duo!  Squeak (white and black) and Dinah (white and ginger) are easy going siblings (and partners in crime!) who have been in foster care since around 4 […]

Aurora – female Jack Russell terrier mix

Rescue dog for adoption in Capalaba, Brisbane: Aurora is a people-pleaser who loves attention. As an adolescent dog, she is energetic and tends to get very excited when playing, so Aurora needs an active-lifestyle home where noisy play sessions won’t be a problem. When not having a play session though, she is a quiet and […]

Charlie – female Devon Rex

Rescue cat for adoption in West End, Brisbane: **adoption pending**   Charlie is a loving and gentle soul who, although easily frightened by unexpected noise, is gaining confidence by the week. Although she has some days where she seems to need some space, they are easily outweighed by the days she craves attention… There is […]

Mousse – female snowshoe mix

Rescue cat for adoption at Everton Hills, Brisbane: Hi my name is Mousse, because I’m sweet and delightful. I’m a snowshoe cross with very pretty colouring. I love to play with toys and nibble on your hair. During the night I like to pounce on feet which are moving under sheets. Although I may be a […]

Jasper – male Devon Rex

Rescue cat for adoption at Mt Gravatt, Brisbane: Hi, my name is Jasper and I’m one of those exotic, entrancing Devon Rexes! Those that know my breed, love my breed! I am an indoor cat where it is nice and safe for me, and safe for the birds on the other side of the windows. […]

Puggles – male Norwegian Forest cross domestic cat

Rescue cat for adoption in Greenslopes, Brisbane: **adoption pending**   Look no further than Puggles if you are seeking a charismatic cat that will attract plenty of oohs and aahs. This delightful Norwegian Forest X is a self-assured bundle of loud purrs and headbutts. His thick mane and bushy tail, combined with his sturdy build and […]

Fern – female domestic medium hair cat

Rescue cat available for adoption in Greenslopes, Brisbane:  *adoption pending* Fern’s full profile is coming soon…in the meantime, we know she loves her humans, is litter trained, likes watching sport on the TV and gets nervous around dogs.  She is estimated to be between 3-4 years of age. If you’d like to know more about […]

Hazel – female domestic medium hair kitten

Rescue kitten for adoption in Upper Coomera: Hazel is a very sweet little girl and loves being with people. She likes a chat and does not hesitate in letting you know when she wants something being food or cuddles, it is always supported with lots of purring. Hazel is very playful and will amuse herself […]