Brisbane and Redlands Area, Queensland


Animal Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Have you often thought that you’d like to Volunteer your services or time to an animal rescue group?  You feel you want to do something worthwhile and know that you’re really making a difference?  Maybe you’re not sure that what you have to offer could be of benefit?

Let us be the judge of that!  Sometimes it’s the smallest acts of kindness that make all the difference!

There are so many Volunteer opportunities within our group.  While we don’t have a shelter, we do have plenty of external Volunteer positions available.  Perhaps you could

  • transport an animal to the vet
  • collect medications or supplies
  • use your writing skills to prepare profiles
  • volunteer at displays
  • use your graphic design skills for merchandise
  • assist with administration
  • co-ordinate fundraising events
  • the list goes on!

So c’mon…write to us at  because we’d love to hear from you!